San Jorge school is located in Zaragoza (North-East of Spain).  The distance to the city centre is about 5 km.  There are 115 staff members, including 70 teachers and other staff working together in the school.

The school provides Elementary education for students aged 6-12 (grades 1-6).  There is also a Preschool group aged 3-6 and Secundary school aged 12-16, altogether about 900 students. 

Teaching Foreign Languages reflects our school´s identity from its very beginning. Since we opened in 2012, we have been part of the MECD/British Council. We also follow the BRIT model from Aragon´s government which started in our school in 2018.

In addition, we are a preferential service center for ASD (autism spectrum disorder) students.

Visions and Values

The learning environment, democratic values and the school community are important standards in our school. At San Jorge School we work together through the following ethos and values:

  • To promote the principles of good judgment and character based upon the development of self-care and the respect for the rights, property and feelings of others.
  • To look after the environment.
  • To provide a welcoming, safe and happy school where everyone is respected and listened to.
  • To engender an appreciation for the arts.
  • To develop a new educational technology.
  • To work together with our families to encourage the learning and development of all our pupils.

We promote these values working through projects during the year and commemorating the International Days:  National Library Week, International Day of elimination of violence against women, International Day of women and girls in Science, International Women´s Day, and Sustainable Development Goals Days.

School Programmes:

  • e-Twinning projects and Erasmus + Programme
  • Reinforcement and workshop classes
  • Reading Program
  • School Health Promotion
  • Innovative Educational Program
  • Chess in the School

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